File Downloads on Hermeneutics

Warning: These articles are meant for mature readers who are willing to THINK and ask questions that may challenge traditional ideas. These articles were not written with the intention of unsettling the faith of any believers. Quite to the contrary, many mature believers, including some Christians in their 60s and 70s who have been faithful servants of the Lord for over a half a century, have expressed a great sense of relief after reading some of these writings, because they explaining certain issues in a no-nonsense manner without dodging difficult questions. Older approaches that had made little sense and that had seemed illogical, but had been forced on some of these people almost as an article of faith essential to salvation, were no longer necessary for these people to believe in the Bible and the Christian system, on the one hand, and to consider oneself a logical, consistent thinker at the same time, on the other hand. Most of these articles have never been published. I ask your mature consideration in the following way: please do not pass these along to others without permission from the author, Joel Stephen Williams.

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A Primer on Hermeneutics - 25 page unpublished article written in the mid-1990s

What is the Bible? - 9 page unpublished study of hermeneutics written about 2005

Hermeneutics and Church Organization - 9 page unpublished case study in hermeneutics written in the mid-1990s and recently revised

Inerrancy, Inspiration, and Dictation - a link to an article published in 1995

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