How To Join
The Order of Eusebeia

Joining The Order of Eusebeia is very easy; living by the Rule is not so easy. Before you join, you should read all the information under "FAQ" and "Our Mission" on the home page. It is very important for you to read the section on what eusebeia means, since the philosophy which undergirds the Rule is found there. Most important, though, you need to read The Rule and give prayerful consideration to how well it fits your personal vision of your own Christian spiritual formation. Also you need to give sober thought to whether or not you will be able to abide by this Rule consistently.

After giving serious consideration to what the Rule of Eusebeia asks of you and if you still want to join, then all you actually need to do is make a commitment to live by these principles, in so far as you understand them to be biblical and according to God's will. If you want a copy of the Certificate of Membership, all you need to do is use the links below and download the file, -- and possibly the Old English font and install it -- type in your name, and print out your copy. (click to see sample). There is no fee for joining. Membership in The Order of Eusebeia is as free as the gospel of Christ.

Certificate as a Word .doc

Old English font - save to and install in Windows/fonts folder

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