What is Christianity?
in Tamil
by Joel Stephen Williams


Dr. Peter Solomon


Dr. Solomon and the faculty of
National Bible College

The Tamil translation and publication of What is Christianity? was made possible by Dr. Peter Solomon, well known evangelist from Chennai, Tamilnadu, India. Dr. Solomon is also the speaker for the Bible Hour Television program with thousands of listeners and students, for whom this book was translated to be a gift for those who completed the correspondence course. Dr. Solomon is the Academic President of the National Bible College and is pictured to the left with the college faculty in 2002. Special appreciation goes to V. S. Immanuel, the chief translator for the project. He is the tall man in the row just behind Dr. Solomon slightly to his left. Also heartfelt thanks to Dr. Solomon's associate, Jebakumar. He is on the top row, far right. At the bottom are the three together, from left to right, Immanuel, Solomon, and Jebakumar, three great co-workers for the Lord.

   all three


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